All food featured on this page, is food that I myself have created.  I am NOT a chef, I do not have exact recipes for most things.

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February Eats

December Eats

Sweet & Spicy Spaghetti Squash & Vegetable Stir Fry:

  • Start by stir frying the veggies and preparing the noodles.  This time, I chose asparagus, bell peppers, baby zucchini, broccoli, basil, jalapenos, garlic & yellow onions

Sweet & Spicy Sauce:

  • Soy sauce, sugar, (boiling) water, sesame seed oil, ginger, sriracha & rice vinegar. The sauce is the most important part of this dish. Make sure you use boiling water! I mixed brown and coconut sugar, but use whatever you have to your desired sweetness.  

Butternut Squash & Sun Dried Tomato Stuffed Shells:

  • Saute butternut squash (2 lbs) with minced garlic before adding in 1 package of sun dried tomatoes. Be careful not to overcook veggies, they still have to go into the oven.
  • Cook shells according to package.
  • Mix veggies into the sauce and stuff into shells.
  • Bake shells, covered, at 450 degrees, for 15-20 mins, until all contents are cooked & soft

Steamed Asparagus:

  • Place tops of asparagus over stems, in a corning ware type dish.  Add water to the dish, enough to cover the bottom and create steam.  Place in over at 450 degrees for 25-30 mins or until tender.  Drain excess water and season to taste.  Personally, I just add salt and maybe some vegan butter.

Sauteed Mixed greens:

  •  1 bag of spinach, 1 bag of kale from Trader Joe’s.  Started by sauteing garlic in the pan before adding greens.  Note: kale is a firmer green than spinach.  Cook these first, if you want your greens to have a uniform firmness/texture.  Seasoned with sea salt and multi-colored peppercorns.

Blackened Bell peppers:

  • 1 bag of mixed peppers from Trader Joe’s.
  • Sauteed with oil, cajun spices and red pepper flakes

Roasted Red skin potatoes:

  • 1/2 of a five pound bag. Tossed lightly in oil with sea salt, rosemary, oregano & black pepper

Spicy Squash:

  • Sliced and placed in a corningware dish with chili flakes, crushed red pepper and sea salt

Roasted Red Skin Potatoes:

  • Lightly tossed in oil & sea salt

Roasted Brussels Sprouts:

  • Tossed in oil and sprinkled with garlic salt

“Fast Food”

  • Thai quinoa patties
  • Crinkle cut french fries
  • Daiya shredded cheddar
  • Rosemary, Sage & Thyme
  • Organic, tomatoes on the vine
  • Organic & local spicy pickles (Tall Paul’s)
  • Organic baby Spinach

quinoa burger ft avo mash & home fries