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5 Tips for Transitioning to a Plant-Based/Vegan Lifestyle

In life, I am actually hesitant to share with other people my dietary and lifestyle choices.  For some really strange reason, people get really offended if you tell them that you do not eat some of their favorite foods.  I’ve always thought that what I eat doesn’t make you sh*t, but I digress.  Most of …

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5 benefits of meditation on quality of life

5 Ways Meditation Will Improve Your Life

Om! Meditation and mindfulness have been hot topics within wellness recently.  Plenty of people talk about meditation, but what is it really? What is mediation:  Meditation is the focus of your thought, attention and intention. In short, meditation is a means to transform the mind.  By changing your brain, meditation changes your response to stress.  …

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Try Not Do Or Do Not Quote Yoda

Yoga Update 1

One thing this journey has tested, is my commitment to myself.  Normally, when I’m working to implement a new skill, I often blame my difficulty and blunders to a lack of consistency. “Oh, I just couldn’t stick with it today because I was busy” or ” Oh I’m too tired today, I need to be …

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