Mental Health


September is suicide awareness month so I could not let this month pass without discussing such an important topic that has greatly affected my life.  In some parts of society, mental health is still a taboo and unspoken topic while in others mental health has become trendy.  Earlier this year, the suicides of well-known people …

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5 benefits of meditation on quality of life

5 Ways Meditation Will Improve Your Life

Om! Meditation and mindfulness have been hot topics within wellness recently.  Plenty of people talk about meditation, but what is it really? What is mediation:  Meditation is the focus of your thought, attention and intention. In short, meditation is a means to transform the mind.  By changing your brain, meditation changes your response to stress.  …

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Earlier this year, in April, I decided to take on another task, for my personal development, daily writing.  Specifically, writing daily intentions and/or affirmations. Recently, a chemist I follow on Twitter posted his ebook, about using common activities to activate the Law of Attraction (LOA). This was especially interesting to me because it combined two …

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